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Is The Home Business Legitimate?

2535101932_93e6573fe1_bWhen someone is looking for a home business, one of the things that they worry about is whether or not it is legitimate. After all, there are a lot of scams out there on the Internet that promise a lot but deliver very little. So how do you know whether or not a home business is something that is real, or just a way to get your money?

Research - One of the best ways to know whether or not a home business is legitimate is by doing research. Go on the Better Business Bureau’s website and see if it’s listed there, and how long it has been a member of the Better Business Bureau. You also want to see if there are any complaints about it. This is one of the most reliable ways to see if the business is legitimate.

Talk - Another way to find out if the business venture you are considering is a good one is to talk to others who have done it. But only do this after you have checked the BBB website for the business, because the Better Business Bureau has nothing to gain or lose.

It’s very important to check out anything that looks too good to be true, because it probably is. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who enjoy taking advantage of those who are too trusting. So stay one step ahead of them and make sure that you find out everything you can about a business before signing up.

Writing a Winning Job Acceptance Letter


There are different types of job acceptance letters. Basically, this type of letter is submitted to demonstrate your professionalism and respect to your new employer. Though you are already accepted, it is still important to give a good impression to your new boss and to let the company know you are serious about doing a good job.
When searching for a letter, there are five things to consider aside from the professionalism of the letter. Any sample you find online should be a guide to writing the best letter possible, not something to just be copied and pasted. Writing an original letter is essential to success, you can't just use someone else's work and pass it off as your own. Here are the five things to consider when choosing and writing a letter.

  • Job Title. These letters always emphasize the job title or position you are hired for. Typically, sample job acceptance letters state the job title while thanking the employer for the offer. Technically, the thank you paragraph should be the first paragraph of the letter, the opposite of the cover letter you included with your resume.
  •  Positive Content. A letter contains positive statements and is straight to the point. Similar to a sample cover letter, a sample job acceptance letter is short but direct. Be aware that it does not mean that your new employer will spend more time reading your letter only because he or she hired you.
  • Formal Job Acceptance. The purpose of this letter is to formally accept the job you have been offered and by writing the letter you state this formally instead of verbally accepting the position.
  • Terms and Conditions. Your letter should include the terms and conditions of employment. A good letter contains language related to the salary, benefits, starting date and working hours. This will simplify things between you and the employer. Hence, it is crucial that your sample job acceptance letter has guideline on the terms and conditions.
  • Highlighted Appreciation. Upon accepting your job, it is wise to state your appreciation and enthusiasm. This will give a good impression and will reflect your dedication to work enthusiastically for their company. The letter states that you are willing to contribute to the company so be sure to use language to convey the most enthusiasm possible.

Writing a job acceptance letter is a way to formally accept a job you have been offered. It is a sign of respect to write this letter to your future employer and you should write this letter every time you accept a job. Be sure to be as confident in writing this letter as your cover letter and resume and use these great tips to compose the best letter possible.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Landon_Long/530939

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Job Offers and Pay Negotiations

494587362_e7390f9145_bWhen you first get the job offer it will often be a verbal offer and is likely to be subject to taking up references and perhaps even a medical examination.

So never say you are accepting a job offer, or resign from your present job until you have received a formal offer in writing for the new position. Occasionally, after an interview, employers try to shorten their process by asking if you will accept the job there and then. It's flattering and gratifying to know they like you enough to make an offer but be very careful or you may find yourself caught out with no job.

You should be careful in your response and if you are interested say "I would like to accept it but please confirm your offer in writing" and I will then confirm with you.

A formal job offer should include all these points:

  • job title
  • pay
  • benefits
  • normal hours of work
  • place of work
  • holiday entitlement
  • notice period

If something is not covered, you need to find out what it is as you will not be able to make your decision without this information. And don't wait until you start work to raise any outstanding queries. It will be far too late to discuss or negotiate anything else by then.

Check your job offer letter carefully against what you understood was being offered, and don't sign the acceptance letter unless you are fully satisfied with it. You still have time to raise any questions.

As the job offer letter forms the basis of your new contract, you need to be sure. And finally, don't accept the first job you are offered unless it's the right one.


At interview, it's too soon to get involved in in-depth discussions of money and perks unless you are sure that the company wants you rather than one of the other candidates -- in other words, once they have offered you the job. When you know they are prepared to 'buy' then you have room to start and negotiate.


Consider your current or last remuneration package -- in other words, not only your pay, but things like benefits, pension, bonus, private health insurance, overtime payments, car loan and whether you have additional expenses because of the location of the new job.


Use the internet to gather information so that you know the market value of someone with your skills. What are the industry averages for your level of responsibility and type of work?


If you are pushed at an early stage to discuss your pay expectations, say that you would like to come back to this when you have more information about the job demands and responsibilities. Or you could give a very general indication of what your pay expectations are whilst confirming your interest and enthusiasm for the job.

If you are already on the market, beware of firms trying to get you below your market worth. You must be ready to justify why you are worth more -- because of your skills and experience, and reassure them that you are not just looking for a stepping-stone.

If they ask you what you are prepared to accept always say: "I have an idea but what do you have in mind?" so that they name the figure first.

If the pay offered is lower than your expectations, start to negotiate. Start your negotiating with the salary itself and emphasise that whilst the pay is not as important as the opportunity and the challenge of the job, it is important; and then proceed to the benefits package. Be prepared to negotiate a compromise. If it looks as if you are not going to reach a compromise, make sure you still sign off on a pleasant note. They may come back to you later with a better offer or remember you favourably when a bigger job comes up.

Always aim to leave a positive image!

With over 25 years running businesses; as a Career Coach and Consultant in many sectors; Peter Fisher is well placed to guide job seekers through the steps needed in order to achieve that all important new position.

He has personally coached thousands of individuals to career success.

His distillation of these years of experience with all the essential facts and actions you must complete in order to achieve your own success is outstanding. He is very clear that you shouldn’t be misled into thinking of “acing interviews” or “finessing” your way into a business; the most sustainable and fulfilling roles are gained through understanding your own specific needs and creating your strategy accordingly. For specific guidance go to Career Consulting Limited

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Peter_Fisher/4376

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/47078

Keeping Schedules in Home Business

When you are starting up a home business, it’s easy to ignore the alarm clock and get up whenever you want to get up. You are your own boss, you should be able to keep the hours that you want, right? Wrong. This is a misconception that many who are going into the home business have. It is true that you are your own boss, but if you work from 9 to 5 one day, and then don’t get up until noon the next day, people won’t take you seriously. When you are setting up your home business, the first thing that you should do is to pick a schedule and stick to it. This way your customers know when they can reach you. This is good for business, and will help keep your customers coming back. When you sit down to plan out your business hours, figure out a starting time and a closing time, and factor in time for lunch as well. If you were working in an office environment, you would take a lunch break so set an acceptable amount of time to be at lunch and stick to it. You don’t have a time clock that you have to go by, but you will have customers who are counting on you to be available during the hours that you set. Just as it’s important to stick to your time for starting, it’s just as important to stick to your time when you will be closed for the day. It’s easy to want to check your email, but unless you are talking to a customer when the time comes, don’t spread yourself too thin by going over time.

Keeping Yourself Business Oriented

For most home businesses, the computer and the Internet are an integral part of the success or failure of the business. However, just like when you are at work, there’s always the temptation to check your email, talk to friends online, or play a game when you are not busy. However, just like at a job that you commute to, this should be something that should be avoided when you are working at your home based business. One way to help avoid doing this is to set up an account on your computer that is just for your home based business. Set up an email that is just business, set up an instant messenger that is just business, and use the web browser to just do things that are part of the business. The temptation is still there, of course, but if you start doing this right away you will find that it’s not so difficult. The other reason that setting up an account that is separate for your business is good is because when you are doing things that are personal on the computer you will be less likely to work during your ‘off’ hours. One of the biggest mistakes that people who work from home make is that they are ‘always’ working. They never allow themselves time to be ‘off the clock’. This isn’t something that is healthy, and it’s something that should be avoided. Having a separate account on your computer helps to prevent this from happening.

Communication is Key

One of the key things in any business is communication, and that goes for home based businesses as well. Often times, written communication of some form is what brings new customers in, so you want to make certain that you catch their eyes but don’t seem overbearing. Email - If, like most home business, you have the ability to communicate online, one of your biggest tools is going to be email. You want to first of all create an email address that is professional yet won’t make people feel threatened when they see it. It should reflect your business and what it does, but also make you seem approachable. Messenger - Whether you use AIM, MSN, or Yahoo messenger, you are going to also want to create a user name just for your business, It’s a good idea to make sure that you have all of the available messengers. This way, people can choose which one to use if they want to talk to you personally. Trillian is a great program which allows you to use all of your messaging programs on one application instead of downloading them all separately. As with your email, you want your user names to be professional but not threatening. They should reflect your business and your professionalism. You want the first impression that people have of you to be a good one, so make certain that your email and your instant messengers are professional and let people know that you are serious about your business.

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Advertising Your Home Business

Importance of Advertising

Once you have started your business, the next thing that you are going to want to do is to advertise your product or service so that you can get more customers. Again, one of the best places to do this is the Internet.

Email signature - One of the best places to advertise is on your email signature. It’s a non threatening way to advertise your business, and sometimes people click n it without even realizing what it is. Don’t make ti long or complicated, just let them know what it is that you do.

Networks - There are plenty of networking sites around that allow home business owners to advertise their products and services. It’s a good way to connect with others and meet some new friends, as well as find new clients. Blog - If you have a blog, advertise your business on your blog! Make sure that you choose good, solid keywords, and that you let people know what it is that you are selling. Make your advertisement stand out, make it noticeable, and make it interesting.

Forums - Not only are forums a good place to meet people, but they are also great places to advertise. There are forums that are set up simply for people to advertise their goods and services, and you will never know what you might find there. No one will know what it is that you are selling or offering by way of products and services unless you tell them. These are just a few of the ways that you can get yourself noticed.

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Dow closes down 15 points

You too can get jobs by clicking here: http://www.telegram.com/news/20160728/dow-closes-down-15-points?rssfeed=true

NEW YORK — Stocks are closing mostly higher as investors work through an uneven batch of corporate earnings. Facebook added 1 percent Thursday after the social media company reported earnings that easily surpassed analysts’ estimates. Ford sank 8 percent after reporting weak results and warning investors that things could get worse in the second half of the year. Oil and gas companies were broadly lower as energy prices continued to fall. […]

Stocks hesitate as investors work through earnings

You too can get jobs by clicking here: http://www.telegram.com/news/20160728/stocks-hesitate-as-investors-work-through-earnings?rssfeed=true

NEW YORK — Stocks were edging slightly higher Thursday, as investors worked through another batch of technology earnings, including results from Facebook. Investors wait to hear from the Bank of Japan tomorrow, where the bank is expected to announce more stimulus for the world’s third-largest economy. KEEPING SCORE: The Dow Jones industrial average fell 17 points, or 0.1 percent, to 18,455 as of 10 a.m. Eastern. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index rose a point, or 0.05 […]

Precision Tech Specialist – Australia ~ Farmers Edge Inc. ~ Wagga Wagga,New South Wales Australia

You too can get jobs by clicking here: http://getpart-timejobs.com/Jobs/job/precision-tech-specialist-australia-farmers-edge-inc-wagga-wagganew-south-wales-australia/


Job Type: Others


For anyone who believes in the future of agriculture, Farmers Edge is the place to work. We are a global leader in precision agriculture and independent data management solutions – our entire team is passionate about the possibilities of agriculture and is relentless in the pursuit of optimizing success for each and every grower. Our approach to customer service is partnership – we take our cue from our growers. And we continually strive to find the best solutions delivered in the best way possible. To be on the leading edge of agriculture, you need to work for Farmers Edge. Precision Technology SpecialistLocation: Wagga Wagga (or surrounding area), Australia The Precision Technology Specialist is the key role responsible to ensure that Farmers Edge technology is in place and operational at our grower’s farms by installing equipment and providing field support to our customers. Duties may include the following: 

  • Install Variable Rate equipment and software in the equipment cab on farm or remotely;
  • Act as a training specialist to grower’s on farm to ensure equipment is operational;
  • Maintenance support on CanPlug (hardware), Farm Command (software) and weather stations;
  • Access and collect relevant data including yield maps, as applied maps;
  • Process and analyze relevant on-farm data;
  • Maintain inventory log with accurate grower equipment records;
  • Provide excellent customer service to growers;
  • Answer grower inquiries on the tech support line and provide troubleshooting advice to growers as required;
  • Work with the operational team to jointly support grower relationships in the territory;
  • Day or overnight travel may be required.

 Education and Experience 

  • Previous experience with farm machinery, basic geographic information systems (GIS); GPS systems,

          variable rate technology, or mapping software;

  • Technologically inclined;
  • Strong customer service skills and problem solving abilities;
  • Education in Agriculture a preferred asset.

Farmers Edge offers a very competitive compensation package. Salary dependent on qualifications and skill.  Attractive performance bonus along with health benefits and retirement plan. Farmers Edge Story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHhe8QS3bP0  

Saint-Gobain taps Petit as North America senior manager

You too can get jobs by clicking here: http://www.telegram.com/news/20160710/saint-gobain-taps-petit-as-north-america-senior-manager?rssfeed=true

WORCESTER — Saint-Gobain, a global building materials company, has appointed Lauren Petit as senior manager of philanthropy, community engagement and crisis communications for the North American delegation.Ms. Petit most recently served as manager of communications and community relations for the North American Abrasives business in Worcester. In her new role, she will be responsible for crisis communications and community relations for the North American region, including […]

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